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Traffic 2 Prosperity Review

My Traffic 2 Prosperity Review

Traffic 2 Prosperity is not just another TE (Text Exchange). With the combined talents of Eric Abbott and Randy Howard it is destined to be a great site. These two complement each other with strengths in different areas. The result is innovation. While the site is new, it is apparent that their knowledge base is not.

This knowledge is being used to develop a very different site. What their complete vision is, no one knows yet. All we know is that new developments come on a regular basis. The changes are always major changes that are obviously well thought out ahead of time.


Glitches are few and quickly fixed. The communication is mind blowing. They have set up a Members Only Skype Group like so many others. The difference is when you post a question it is answered quickly. If another member answers first you can be sure Randy or Eric either confirm, clarify, or correct the response in a very timely manner.

Site Drawbacks

There are 2 inconveniences with the site so far. One is that you get locked out in a relatively short period of time and have to re-login. With a saved user name and password, however, this is a minor inconvenience. The other is not being able to use your own tracking links. They do provide their own tracking links but I am used to more information with my link tracking company. For more information on link tracking see my tracking review post. While I like to keep all my tracking in one place and really evaluate it, I do understand their reasons for doing this. It is a free service so making money is not their motivation. They are motivated by providing a quality product and may in time be able to provide a more comprehensive tracking system. The reason, plain and simple is to have more control over what is being advertised on their site. It is for this reason, there are few frame breakers and pop ups. With their Eagle Eye monitoring these problem sites don’t last long.


Surfing for credits is a pleasure at Traffic 2 Prosperity. With only a 4 second timer and the

Traffic 2 Prosperity Review

T2P makes surfing great!

highest credit accumulation rate I have seen, the rewards are great. It is funny but with the shorter timer I actually look at the ads more. There really is no reason to always multi-surf. 4 seconds is plenty of time to scan the ad and determine if you want to investigate further and if not you don’t have to stare mindlessly for another 5-15 seconds or flip to the next TE. With multi-surfing you don’t even  look at the ads and often miss the earned bonuses because you only notice it after you click. Opps too late!

Special Features

Yes they have a downline builder like other sites, but they don’t stop there. Eric has started Assignments to teach you how to succeed with TE marketing. Programs like TE Hoopla and TE Profits basically have you market their site with the idea that you are marketing many different TE’s at the same time with the downline builder. While you may on occasion expand your downlines this way, most surfers will already belong to many, or all of the TE’s in the downline builder. While you can make money this way, the results are few and require massive amounts of advertising to get you where you want to be. This method requires massive amounts of credits [surfed for or bought]. T2P’s assignment teach you how to get more credits, what works best with TE advertising, and they have even developed individualized splash pages to use in specific places.


Traffic 2 Prosperity ReviewOh did I mention the price? Well of course you can join for free and get great value from this site, however, the real benefits comes with the very reasonable OTO upgrade when you first join. You can be cautious and upgrade after you join but you will pay more at that point and since it is a monthly amount it is well worth it to take the OTO. I did and I am very glad. You can always drop down to free if you are not satisfied. I doubt that will be the case if you use this site to it’s fullest [especially the Traffic Blast]…

I doubt that will be the case if you use this site to it’s fullest [especially the Traffic Blast]…
Traffic 2 Prosperity Review

Blast Off with T2P’s Traffic Blast!

Most people who join for free don’t see the power behind this system because they are so stuck in the clicking for credits mode. They feel it is the only way to get ahead. The reality is, always clicking is for the Newbies and the people who are broke and don’t think they can be anything but broke. If you want things to change, you need to change things in your life.

Recommendation Yes or No?

In Conclusion of My Traffic 2 Prosperity Review

I highly recommend the OTO of this site. Will this system work for you? That depends entirely on YOU. Just like any good system, work is required. However, with the building blocks Eric and Randy provide, you can succeed. Who knows, they may just inspire you so much, you develop something of your own! Just remember not to copy. Copies don’t make the money, the initial creators make the money.

To Your Success,

~ Karen Karo ~

P.S. If there is any inconvenience to their customers as a result of updates, etc. you can be sure there will be a Promo Code coming your way. 🙂


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