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Generate Traffic For Free With Safelists

Generate Traffic With Safelists – Simplified

Targeting Your Safelist Market.

Generate Traffic With Safelists

Find Your Target Market

Trying to generate traffic for free with safelists is not easy but can produce results when done well. One must keep in mind your target market when using safelists. Safelists are used by internet marketers trying to get traffic to their offers. They are your target market. Their primary reason to click on your ad is to receive credits. These credits are then use to send out more of their own ads.

If you do not have a product that will help them get traffic or more credits your success rate will be significantly lower. Evaluate your product. If there are any benefits in either of these two areas, base your marketing strategies accordingly even if this is not the primary purpose of the product. If your product does not fit into these categories, you may want to consider alternate means of advertising or a different product. If you still want to use safelists for your product, I advise you to direct your traffic to a squeeze page with a FREE Offer.

Writing Your Safelist Ads.

Writing Your Safelist Ads

Writing Your Safelist Ads

Now that you have picked your product it is time to write some ads. Solo ads for safelists are special. You have 4 seconds or less to grab their attention, get your message across, and have them take action.

You need to grab their attention with your subject line. A good subject line has two parts.

  1. The first part should be about their problem or pain. Ex: Too much clicking?
  2. The second part should be how you can help them. Ex: Try this Trick…
You should make several subject lines for each ad.

Now to get your message across.

  1. You need to look different. Find something that stands outs and can be used in every single email ad. A good place to do this is in your signature and/or the subject line.
  2. Short and sweet! They do not have time to read much. They are in a frenzy to complete  their mission (getting lots of credits)
  3. Your safelist ads should be easy to read and stand out. You can use larger fonts and still stay above the fold because your email will be short. Separate your sentences like you would paragraphs. Use colors, highlighting, bold print, etc. With text ads you can use variations as well. Get creative with your spacing, using all CAPS for important words,etc.
You need to have several ads so you can rotate them. You don’t have to change your ad with every safelist or every day, but you do want to test which ads work best and focus on making them even better.

Joining Safelists

Now it is time to join safelists. I recommend joining no more than 2-4 per day and get them  all organized first. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the shear volume of emails you will receive.

Setting up separate email accounts.

Best email for safelists

Best email for safelists

You do NOT want to use your regular email account for safelists. I recommend gmail because it is accepted by all safelists and it is FREE. You need to set up a contact email account. This will be used for the safelist itself to get in touch with you and to receive contact solo ads. These are the ads you would like to use to get most of your credits since they give you the best results for your time. You also need to set up a list email account. The bulk of the emails will go to this account. You will only click on the list solo ads. The rest of the emails will eventually fall off. Gmail has a very large capacity so you don’t have to worry about maxing out your account.

Setting up filters will help you organize further and will be covered in another post soon. It is beyond the scope of this post.

Signing up for your first safelist.

Once you have your email accounts set up you can sign up for your safelists. Be sure to provide all the information asked for. You may want to market the safelists themselves to generate a downline. Most safelists can pay you through Paypal or Payza. You also receive extra bonus credits for referrals. This will decrease the amount of clicking you will need to do.

Make sure you enter the right email account in the right place! Then you will need to verify each email account for each safelist. If you do not verify both you will not be able to place ads.

I advise signing up for FREE accounts on ALL safelists first. Once you see which are performing well for you, upgrade if you can afford it.

My Top Safelist Pics. 

A Different Type Of Safelist. This safelist lets you brand yourself with your picture, set your profile information, has a private chat feature and gives you unlimited views to your URL. I am still learning how to use this site but it is promising. To me it is like a mix of safelists and social media.

Sending out your ads.

Sending out safelist ads

Sending out safelist ads

Most safelists have their tabs in a left hand column. Find the Credit Mailer tab and click on it. Copy and paste your subject line and your ad into the proper spaces. I keep 2 versions of each ad to save time.

  1. One is the text version.
  2. The other is the HTML version. ( You can save the HTML code or save it in Word with all the colors and fonts.)

Then type in the URL where you want to direct your traffic. Make sure your link is cloaked, tractable and you have tested it. Some safelists have second area for the link. This area is used to test your link to see if it breaks frames. If it does your ad will be rejected. (A frame breaker is an ad that does not show the link to receive credits or just doesn’t allow the credit counter on the site. Make sure your links are ok or risk your accounts being closed if you are a repeat offender.

Now check the save box if you want to save a copy of this ad on that safelist.

Hit send!

Clicking for credits.

Clicking for credits

Clicking for credits

When clicking for credits you can easily be distracted by all the ads. This is what you are trying to do to the other internet marketers, but you do not want to happen to you. This will distract you from the tasks at hand.

Some methods to keep you focused.

  • Turn your sound off! You can turn off the volume on one browser and keep it on for another browser in your sound mixer. You must also turn off the volume on the actual devise your computer uses to play the videos. This is done in the mixer as well.
  • If a particular subject line catches your eye save it and/or the ad for future reference. This can be used to tweak your own ads later. If you really want to check out the product, bookmark it and do it another time! KEEP CLICKING.
  • Only click on list solo ads if you do not get enough credits from the contact solo ads.

To make this part of your business less tedious I recommend playing music in the background or watching TV. This serve 2 purposes. 

  1. It makes the process more pleasant.
  2. It distracts you from the ads but allows you to keep a clicking rhythm.

Click everyday so you keep up and always have credits to send your mailings.

I hope you have found this information helpful. Please leave comments below.

To Your Success,

~ Karen Karo ~

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